Author: Frank

Exotic Antimatter Caught in Disappearing Act

Researchers have gotten an uncommon kind of colorful molecule in the demonstration of vanishing, and the vanishing trap has all the earmarks of being more typical than anticipated. Out of the blue, specialists have watched particles called electron antineutrinos transforming into different sorts of particles, and ascertained the recurrence at which this happens. In spite […]

Rare Subatomic Particle Discovery Pushes Limits of Current Physics

Perceptions of to a great degree uncommon subatomic molecule activities have enabled researchers to put a standout amongst the most stringent cutoff points yet on the supreme hypothesis of molecule material science. Physicists at the world’s biggest atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland, have watched a sort of molecule called B […]

Antimatter Atom Measured for the First Time

Researchers have taken the first-historically speaking estimation of a molecule made of antimatter. This estimation, however not extremely exact, speaks to an initial move toward having the capacity to ponder antimatter molecules in detail — an objective fundamental for understanding why the universe is made of issue and not antimatter, its baffling kin. All particles […]

Keyboard’s Right-Hand Letters Make People Happier

Look down at your console. Are a large portion of the letters in your name on the left or the correct side of the plate? The appropriate response could influence how individuals react to your name. New research proposes individuals have hotter emotions toward words that utilization for the most part letters on the correct […]

‘Chupacabra’ Kills Sheep in Mexico. Why False Reports Persist

It was inevitable: Another chupacabra locating has been accounted for in Latin America. The parasitic chupacabras, much like the felines they are in some cases said to sustain upon, appear to have nine lives. In spite of being pretty much conclusively disproven lately, individuals keep on reporting seeing the mammoth — most as of late […]

Elusive Higgs Boson Particle Closer Than Ever, Scientists Say

New proof makes it more probable than at any other time that 2012 will be the year physicists at last locate the long-looked for Higgs boson molecule. The molecule has been anticipated as the clarification for why every single other molecule have mass. It has earned the epithet the “God Particle,” to a great extent […]